Vocational Training

Peace Education:

There are 4 different groups under Peace Education.

Nurses Group:
There are 22 nurses who attend this program 2 hours a week. The subject covered in this program include; Group Dynamics, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Time Management, Stress Management, etc.

Family and Parenting Classes:
This program targets raising peaceful children living in a peaceful home environment. Along the psychology of parenting and children, communication skills, consultation skills, decision making, conflict resolution skills also take part within the training curriculum. Currently there are 25 people attending in 2 different groups.

Preparation for Marriage:
Providing support program and teaching basic skills for young women and men to make right choices for their lives. This program involves getting to know own self, communication skills, making the right decisions, consultation skills, conflict prevention and resolution. Currently there are 5 people attending regularly.

Children “Character Building” Programs:
This program aims to train children in communication, conflict resolution, decision making skills, provide self-confidence, self respect training that assist children with “Say No” programs to protect themselves from any kind of abuse. It also covers some topics from “Children’s Rights & Responsibilities”. Currently 15 children are attending this program

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