Language Courses

Our Community members, who are striving to catch up with the world that rapidly globalizes, are continuously making efforts to increase their skills and Knowledge. Foreign language learning, which is one of the most important tools of opening up to the world is prioritized. Demand for foreign language courses at KAYAD community center is increasing every day.

Turkish Courses:

There are different level classes for whose mother tongue is not Turkish such as Beginner’s and Intermediate classes as well as Speaking classes. Currently there is 1 group for adults and 1 group for children.


Volunteer and professional teachers give English courses to children and adults. English courses for children strengthen school curriculum and are made more interactive through games. Courses for adults are at levels of beginners, intermediates and advanced. English Language Courses for Professionals will start soon as well. English language courses are held in the morning, afternoon and evening.


Greek courses are held for young people and adults at levels of beginners intermediate and advanced.


Computer lessons are now offered to adult learners at beginner’s level.

Photography Courses 

Photography Courses are now offered to learners of all age groups at all levels.

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