KAYAD Childrens Club

Kayad chidren Club applied during the summer break embraces the children aged 7-14. It uses the "Educating while entertaining" principle. Various activities, games and arts are used to teach them their rights and responsibilities and help them develop their own set o values and virtues. The aims of Childrens Club include:

-Gathering children and familiees under the same roof,

Improv the interaction between them,

Contibute to the personal development of the children,

Develop the lidership abilities of the children and help them realise their talents.

Strengthen the sense of responsibility,

Protect and teachthe children's rights,                              

Summer programmes for children are given below:

School support program offers Turkish, English and Mathematics courses.  Computer courses are given to help children avoid difficulties in daily life and lessons in the age of information technologies. Applied lessons of Environmental Awareness offered once every two weeks are organised to certain locations. Reading Club, traffic and first aid courses help strengthen the awareness of children towards their surrounding and other people. Group Therapy courses given by a psychologist help personal development in general and aid overcoming the adolescent period. Theatre and ceramic courses help children add skills and develop their creativity. Dance courses and summer camp programmes are also organýzed.  

KAYAD Community Center will continue serving our society in aits task to develop its cultural, artistic and modern way of thinking.

To get a more detailed info about the Community Center Programs or to apply to them: Call 2270751 or 2284393 or send E-Mail to info@kayadcommunitycenter.com

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